"Scents and Sensibility/The Great Kookamunga Standoff" is the twenty-third episode of the animated children's series Iggy Arbuckle.


Scents and SensibilityEdit

For Zoop's birthday, Iggy has ordered in a tea set, as her old set is getting worn. Unfortunately a string of events caused by his sneezing, due to a cold, leads to the set getting broken, and Iggy is left trying to figure out what to give her instead. At her store, they overhear her mentioning that she is fond of perfumes and aromas, and that she particularly likes ones that remind her of the times she spent with her family and friends as a little girl. Jiggers gets the idea to combine the aromas she mentions into a specialized perfume for her. He and Iggy set off throughout the Kookamunga, gathering these components, although Jiggers becomes sick after getting chilled in a swamp and being exposed to a good deal of allergens.

Meanwhile, Catfish Stu is inspired by Zoop's talk of perfume, and decides to make and sell his own. He sends Robear and Robert off to find anything that smells nice, but they come back with a mulch, the odour of which, while it attracts honeybees, is otherwise considered revolting. Hiding from the bees, he sends them off again. They happen across Iggy and Jiggers trying to figure out how to test the smell of their perfume, with both of them having stuffed noses. Robear tactfully greets them, and apologizes to Jiggers for contributing to his indisposed state with some flowers he and Robert had been gathering. Iggy then suggests that they test the perfume for them as a way to make up for it, and they do so approvingly. While Iggy and Jiggers discuss the potential design of the bottle, Robert is shown switching the jar of their unappealing perfume with the identical jar Zoop's gift has been temporarily stored in.

At Zoop's party, Iggy and Jiggers present the gift to her in a beautifully carved wood bottle, and she rejoices as it's aroma brings back her cherished memories. Robear and Robert are puzzled by this, and each notes that he had switched the perfume bottles. Realizing what they did, they then look over and see Stu running for his life, being pursued by the bees again.

The Great Kookamunga StandoffEdit