Lake Gottalottawatta is a large lake in the fictional Kookamunga National Park, in the animated TV series Iggy Arbuckle.

Catfish Stu spends a lot of his time at the lake, due to a natural need to be in or around water. Often episodes revolving around Stu involve Lake Gottalottawatta. In "Voyage to the Bottom of the Lake", when he finds out that a ship known as the "Golden Rind" sank in the lake in 1712, and not knowing that the precious cargo it was carrying was lemons and limes (to assauge the "Great Kookamunga Lemon/Lime shortage of 1712"), he and his henchmen initially go to the floor of the lake to tear up the ship and find any treasure it still holds. When they overhear Iggy and Jiggers discussing the worth of the ship itself, they drain all of Lake Gottalottawatta in order to safely recover the ship. While Stu finds out to his dismay what the ship was really used for, Jiggers repairs the ship and Iggy tells Stu he will have to undo the damage he did to the lake.

In "Resident Weevil", Robear plants a water hyacinth he stole from Zoop in Lake Gottalottawatta, hoping it will please Stu, because Stu likes the aroma of the hyacinths. As hyacinths grow and spread rapidly, the lake soon becomes crowded with the flowers, and its oxygen begins to get depleted. Iggy then calls on a group of water hyacinth weevils to eat up all of the hyacinths and restore the lake's ecosystem.