Iggy Arbuckle character
Gender Female
Color Tan
Eye Color Black
Hair Color None
Species Rat
First appearance "Iggy Vs. the Volcano/A Dip in the Pole"
Voiced by Novie Edwards

Kira, voiced by Novie Edwards (the voice of Jackie from Cyberchase), is a rat[1], and another protagonist in the show.

Appearance and occupationsEdit

Kira wears a purple T-shirt that shows off her belly, pink pants with a green scarf around her waist like a belt, pink bracelets on each wrist, and black slipper-like shoes. She has long orange-red hair, tannish-brown skin, and black eyes. She runs the tourist kiosk, and also keeps the Kookamunga Museum. In her spare time, she has many interests, such as mountain climbing, architecture, or videography, and pursues at least one per week, usually saying "I'm all about (whatever her current hobby is) this week!".


Kira is native to the city, and is a relatively new resident of Mooseknuckle. Therefore, she is unfamiliar with most of the Kook's traditions and folklore, but still enjoys learning about them and getting in on them. Of the regular cast (the characters who are featured in the opening credits), she is the most infrequently seen.

Kira and Jiggers get along well with each other, and are shown in "Any Friend of Yours" to have many things in common. It remains unclear, however, if they're anything other than friends.

Major appearancesEdit

  • "There's Something about Berries - Her first speaking role. She secretly saves the day by "moonlighting as a chef" after Catfish Stu steals the juniper berry bushes from Rattler's Pass.
  • "Any Friend of Yours" - She and Jiggers begin to hang out with each other, and Iggy feels left out.
  • "Voyage to the Bottom of the Lake" - She helps Iggy and Jiggers in mission of saving the ship called The Gold Bark from Stu.
  • "Tower of Beaver" - She helps Jiggers in building the tower.
  • "X-Treme Iggy" - She tapes Iggy's extreme on camera, but her tape is stolen by Stu what makes her mad.
  • "Art for Iggy's Sake" - She pushes Iggy to find his medium in art.
  • "Good Scavenger Hunting" - She judges the compitetion what inside it are Iggy and Stu in finding any sculpture to her museum.
  • "When Iggy Met Jiggers" - She listens to Iggy and Jiggers as they tell the story of Jiggers' arrival in Mooseknuckle.


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