"Iggy Vs. the Volcano/A Dip in the Pole" is the first episode of the first season of the animated series "Iggy Arbuckle". It originally aired on June 29th, 2007, in Canada. The title of the first segment is a reference to the movie "Joe Vs. The Volcano".

Iggy Vs. the VolcanoEdit

Iggy and Jiggers are having a picnic on top of Mount Kaboom, when Iggy's bottle of hot sauce rolls away and falls down the crater of the mountain. This upsets the volcano, and it starts rumbling and trembling. Worried for the Kookamunga's sake, Iggy and Jiggers try to stop the volcano from erupting. They gather a huge block of bicarbonated soda from the Mine-all-Mine, and carve it into a giant antacid tablet. The tablet dissolves when it accidentally rolls into a pond, and Iggy says things to scare Jiggers; who flaps his tale and effectively fans the cloud of bicarbonated soda up to the top of the mountain. The cloud rains itself into Mount Kaboom, and settles it down; saving the park.

A Dip in the PoleEdit

Iggy's giving a public narration on Admiral "Brrrrrd"'s voyage to the "Norse Pole", but Catfish Stu expresses skepticism. Iggy volunteers to prove Admiral "Brrrrrd" really went there by going there himself and bringing back the items the admiral reputedly left there. Iggy and Jiggers make their way, but Catfish Stu, who had agreed to clean out Lake Gottalottawatta if they could prove the stories true, hires a team of ninja polar bears to stop them. The polar bears ultimately fail in their mission, as Iggy and Jiggers cleverly outsmart them and make it to their goal. They return to Stu, accompanied by Admiral "Brrrrrd"'s ship and trademark longjohns.